Official Selection 2020 London Independent Film Festival, Lift-Off Global Network, Starburst International Film Festival and Focus International Film Festival.


Seechers started as a short film and has been developed into a gripping and dark phycological science fiction adventure, in the newly published book 'Beyond the Mirror,' available on amazon in paperback and kindle.


University student, Aris Fletcher, is training to become a Seecher. A secret group, who hold ancient knowledge in using subconscious power. Preparing for the Physical Trial, Aris steals a forbidden text, on how to enter the Subconscious World. Spellbound by his recent dreams. Ignoring all cautions. Aris decides instead, to dabble in his new powers, outside the protection of the Seecher Guild.


As a child, Aris had a vivid imagination, though it rarely served him well. Only ever getting him into trouble.


Now at University, Aris has joined a secret group called the Seechers, who are training him to learn how to control his subconscious powers. However, his strange dreams and curious nature have led him to steal a forbidden text, about how to enter the Subconscious World, called Nihilo.


Aris exposes himself to a dangerous enemy, by experimenting with his powers outside of the Seechers’ Guild. Kidnapped and Interrogated, Aris must think fast to find a way to escape.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama
Running Time: 18’
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 (2048X858)
Screening Formats: 2K 5.1 DCP, ProRes.
Sound: 5.1 or Stereo.
Shot on: 5K, RED, 25p and 3.8K, Arri Alexa, 25p.
Language: English

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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"...We are asked to delve into the deepest recess of our minds; to exploit untapped powers that might otherwise lie dormant. Each frame is beautifully captured and stokes real curiosity..." 

     UK FILM REVIEW 2020

"The next step is to hopefully turn Seechers into a TV series, but I was curious to know how difficult Natalie thought this might be as a woman in the industry..."


Director's Statement

The world of the Seechers has been inspired by my life-long fascination with dreams. As a teenager, I used to talk very intensely with my friends about dreams. We tried to control our dreams, have shared dreams, we researched the meaning of dreams and we even had our own dreamers club. I became very interested in hypnogogia, which is a transitional state between being asleep and being awake. Many famous writers, artists and inventors have used this state to retrieve their extraordinary ideas. Thomas Edison is well known for his techniques in trying to tap his subconscious for deeper insights for his inventions. After trying, for a long time, to find my own method to tap my subconscious in this way, for an amazing idea, I began to realise, that the concept of taking something out of the subconscious and into this world, was in itself the start to an idea. That is really what Seechers is about. They are an ancient and secret group of intellects, who have essentially pulled unworldly powers, out from a dream and into the conscious world and there are bad guys who what their power, for themselves.

The Cast

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